Featured guest: Candace M. Carlson

It's my sincere pleasure to introduce you to my first guest on the blog, Candace M. Carlson!

Candace is a wellness coach who helps her clients heal themselves through food, mindfulness and love. I'm grateful to have experienced her program earlier this year. Her coaching runs deep. She helped me build trust in myself to create a healthy, vibrant life – true, sustainable wellness.

When I began writing about Awakened Work, I knew I wanted to feature people who inspire me to live that example – people like Candace. She was gracious enough to let me interview her about her routine, her favorite "tranquil tech" and what Awakened Work means to her.

You can connect with Candace on her website, candacemcarlson.com.

Candace, tell us about your work as a coach.

My profession is health coach and yoga teacher, but truly I work to empower women to fall in love with their bodies and souls again. I believe we come into this world with an understanding of who we are and how to love ourselves, and then somewhere along the way, this gets lost. My mission is to help women find their version of health and self-love again. I deeply enjoy what I do and am grateful every time I connect with women in this way. My other job is being a mama to two rambunctious boys who are learning how to be loving men.

My fam and I live in East Sacramento. Hubster and I chose East Sac for our home because we wanted our living area to reflect our lifestyle choices. For example, we love water and being active so we chose a home that’s close to the river, close to bike paths and running trails and within walking/biking distance of farmer's markets, grocery stores and good restaurants. We both grew up in small towns and so in choosing this location we still get a small-town feel balanced with a lot of offerings.

My wellness practices include a variety of things because I try to tune in and listen to what I need each day.  So, it might be a super green smoothie one day with a long walk or a yoga session with some reflective meditation or a trip to the farmer's market to feel connected to the community again, or a hike in the mountains with my men, or a steaming cup of jasmine green tea with a giant oatmeal cookie. It varies each day!

Describe what it's like to be you in a day, Candace.

Because I am a mama, I have to work around raising my dudes; therefore my workday varies. But it usually goes something like this:

Before 8 am: Have a five-minute meditation time. If I don’t do it right when I get out of bed, it’s harder to fit it in later in the day! Drink some jasmine green tea and check my emails. Post to Instagram (@candacemcarlson_healthcoach). Feed and water the ravenous beasts that are my boys! Feed myself. Then we go outside for a walk. My older son rides his bike while I fast walk behind with the stroller and my second child.

10:30 am: Snack time for all! Time to refuel after our walk and keep our energy stores up! This usually includes some sort of seasonal fruit and some nuts. Then we run errands and do housework.

12:30 pm: Lunchtime for everyone. We all eat together at the table or outside (picnic, which my sons love).  Then it’s rest time. After my youngest son falls asleep, my older one and I play a game, bake or read books together. I try to use this time to connect with him before work in the afternoon.

2 pm: Our nanny comes and takes over. I head out to my studio and look at my giant to-do list. I take the first 15 minutes to settle in and map out my time. This time mapping might include seeing clients, answering emails, social media efforts, writing, or planning a yoga class.

4 pm: I usually need a break here if I’m not with clients. This is where I will do some yoga, go for a walking phone meeting, or some sort of movement self-care time.

5 pm: Dedicated time to get one major thing done off my list! 

6 pm: Transition from work to home mode again. Hubster’s home so we’ll all eat dinner together and then either go for a walk or do some sort of activity (hide and seek, soccer, workout challenge, etc.).  When I’m teaching a yoga series, this is when I do that.

8 pm: Pick up yard and house, water my plants (on my watering days!), try to get re-connected with my garden and see what it needs. Then we have family reading time, then bedtime.  After boys are asleep, Hubster and I take time to check in with each other. 

10 pm: Plan the next day. Offload my to-do list out of my brain and onto paper – this is a new practice and I LOVE it! Read for a bit, then sleep!

I’m constantly trying to help others learn to take better care of themselves by nourishing their bodies, getting movement in, creating joy and managing their emotions effectively. This is a big part of my day whether it’s with my boys, family or clients, therefore I try to check in throughout my day to make sure I’m meeting my own needs, too.

Clearly, Candace is a practice-what-you-preach coach! I truly am inspired by her commitment to tuning in to what she needs each day – and that her own wellness practices fuel her work to help others.

Visit Candace's coaching site: candacemcarlson.com

Come back for the second part of my interview with Candace, where she talks about creativity and her go-to technology for wellness.