My top 5 #TranquilTech tools right now

#TranquilTech: online tools to bring peace to productivity (and even add a little delight as you check off your to-do list)

My top 5 #TranquilTech tools right now #AwakenedWork

Here are my favorite tools right now:

  • Asana - Project management platform and task manager, "teamwork without email." 
    I use Asana to keep track of complex projects like our Salesforce implementation to simple to-do lists for the week. I highly recommend Asana for teams looking for an easy-to-use tool to coordinate deadlines and keep project discussions organized in one place.

  • Crystal - Communication style coach.
    "Crystal creates unique personality profiles for every person with an online presence, preparing you to speak or write in someone else's natural communication style." Connect Crystal to Gmail and it will coach you in real time. Feel confident that you're getting your message across to your coworker, prospect, or client based on their unique personality.

  • Calm - Meditation timer for desktop or smartphone.
    This app makes it easy to take a two-minute mindfulness break – and is so much more pleasant than setting the alarm on your phone. I've used it to start or end meetings so that the team is focused. 

  • Sunrise - Calendar for Google Calendar, iCloud and Exchange.
    Essential if you have multiple Google accounts. It's easy to connect multiple calendars without switching accounts or messing with permission settings. Integrates with Asana, too.

  • You Need A Budget (YNAB) - Personal budgeting app.
    YNAB makes it easy to keep up with your financial goals. There's desktop software for setting up your monthly budget and reconciling your bank accounts, and a smartphone app so you can know in real time what you've budgeted to spend. Get $6 off with my referral link >>

What are your favorite #TranquilTech tools? Leave a comment below.