Hi, I’m Leili Khalessi. Welcome to my 2015 Annual Report!

Leili Khalessi marketing strategy, digital communications + nonprofit technology - 2015 Annual Report 2016 Goals

So many great things have happened in the past year! I launched our most successful online fundraising campaigns of all time, managed over 50 marketing projects, led the team through an 18-month tech implementation and planned my own wedding. (Yeah!)

In 2016, I’ll be leading a deep-dive strategic website redesign, traveling and making new contributions to the nonprofit community.

Read below to learn what I’ve done this year, and what I’m looking forward to next.

2015 Accomplishments

I led my organization’s communications and development strategies, which resulted in major online fundraising success:

I was responsible for:

I gained experience with:

Salesforce Nonprofit Starter Pack
fundraising writing (and found out I love it!)
nonprofit management and operations

Plus, I also:

2016 Goals

Can you help me reach my goals?



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